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News on Pole Gymnastics

Winner of three Local Business Awards, Angela has been operating her Pole Fitness Studio for 13 years. She believes there has definitely been a shift in attitudes, saying there are more businesses springing up like hers (pole gymnastics), that are all about fitness and do not have the adult dance component.

Class grading level for Pole gymnastics at Pole Fitness Studios

Progress Based Fitness Program

At Pole Fitness Studios™, we have designed a pole gymnastics program that encourages you to achieve your fitness goals and advance your skill level based on our various grading levels. Complimentary photoshoots are also available for advanced level students.

Pole Fitness Studios Local Business Award

Award-Winning Business

Pole Fitness Studios™ is now officially a Multi Award Winning Pole Gymnasium. We have won in the 2012 & 2015 Canterbury Local Business Award category. This represents that our clients are happy and the council feels that Pole Fitness Studios™ is a valuable asset to the community.


Pole Gymnastics Student

I found Pole Fitness Studio by doing a Google search. As I always wanted to try it but was nervous & definitely didn’t want to learn a routine/dance. I’m the fittest & strongest, I’ve ever been & that’s totally due to Ang & pole fitness studios.

Pole Gymnastics - Student Testimonial

I’ve been going to this pole studio since I was 12. 3 years later I’m still loving it! Pole fitness is a fabulous sport, different from anything else you can find. Not only does it improve your strength and control, it also looks very impressive!

Pole Gymnastics - Student Testimonial

Pole fitness has helped me recover physically and mentally post-baby. Angela Perry has been the sweetest teacher ensuring that I’ve always been safe while having fun. Couldn’t recommend enough!!

Pole Gymnastics - Student Testimonial

I find pole gym at Pole Fitness Studios to be very psychologically therapeutic. You have to really focus and there’s no time to think about work or other stresses. It’s a bit like meditation in that sense. It’s my ‘me’ time!